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We are the Louisiana Reusable Bag Alliance (LARBA), a group of local organizations and businesses who strongly believe reusable bags are a safe, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. We support efforts by the New Orleans City Council and local businesses to encourage the use of durable, reusable bag to replace the ubiquitous disposable alternatives.

Plastic bags clog our sewers, litter our lakes, choke birds and marine life that commonly mistake it for food and ultimately contaminate our food chain and threaten the livelihoods of those working in our seafood industry.

Statistics show that one reusable bag can replace 700 single-use, disposable bags. When you bring your own bags to the store, think about how many plastic bags you are keeping out of your streets, parks and waterways.

Take a look around. Check out our Member organizations and some quick facts about the success of bag fees in other communities. If you’re interested in joining LaRBA, please email info@nowastenola.org.

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