Say YES to Local Control, and NO to HB192!

Big Oil is trying to bully Louisiana cities by removing their ability to pass sensible local regulations to curb waste and protect citizens. They’re employing a tactic currently being deployed nationwide: quietly call up a state legislator and ask them to introduce a short bill, to little fanfare, with sweeping language preventing regulation of containers. Proposed House Bill 192 would prevent any city in Louisiana from passing any kind of restriction (ban, fee, limitation, regulation) on packaging or containers made out of any substance – not just plastic! With this one paragraph, Representative Paul Hollis is attempting to take away cities’ rights to regulate safety for their own citizens.

We’re asking you today to show that you support local regulations for local costs – like waste management. We’re asking you to declare that you’re in favor of local values of environmental stewardship. We’re asking you to stand up against far-reaching language, written by Big Oil, attempting to restrict Louisiana citizens and city councils from managing their own affairs. Click here to sign the petition against HB192 today!

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